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The Devil's Cut is heading to Europe in 2018, shows are already being​ ​booked and promoted.
Currently we are exploring avenues to cover the cost of getting over there, but it is quite expensive.
Any help from you would mean the world to us.
If you are willing to donate a little extra to help us represent American Rock N' Roll overseas (a little goes a long way), then click on the link below and you will most certainly be getting a care package in return.

Thank you for all your love and support! You are the reason we do what we do and we hope to make ya'll proud over there.

  $1 USD or more 



The Devil's Cut Lansing, Michigan

The Devils Cut is an American Rock ‘N’ Roll band from Lansing, MI formed in 2010. The Devils Cut hope to bring rock n’ roll back to it's motherland. That place where being alive meant you were most in danger, expressed through pathos and rebellion. The sound of TDC is a testament to the daily struggles each of us face, with a sentiment that says "sticking together as a family is the only way out." ... more

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